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The Oak Park Farmers’ Market, offering high quality, locally-grown produce, is held in the Pilgrim Church Parking lot at 460 Lake St. from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday through October. 

Farmers Market Manager, Colleen McNichols, is excited to unveil an Oak Park Farmers Market Collaboration at the 8/18 market! Regular vendors, Brian Severson Farms and Bread Man Baking Co, have teamed up to create a brand new 7-Grain bread.  Working together they came up with a delicious combination of Brian’s locally sourced gmo-free, certified organic grains to use in this fresh loaf. Look for popcorn flour and buckwheat oaks to bring some intrigue to your next sandwich! Additionally look for many vendors to bring watermelon with their sweet corn this week. 

Bake sale: Girl Scout Troop #41525

Guest vendor: Bushel & Pecks

  •  From their best-selling hot-sauces to fermented jarred items, Bushel & Pecks preservation kitchen products are unique because they grow everything themselves. 

Vendor notes:


Prairie Wind Family Farm (Organic):Thanks to some wonderful rainfall, the Miller family is happy to share some of their favorite greens — arugula, chard, salad mix.

Herbally Yours:Thankfully after a vacation, our super-popular vinegar and herbs man is back with his no-salt and no-sugar blends. Jim is introducing his Hunan (spicy) Stir Fry Blend.

Genesis Growers (organic): If you shop early, you will be treated to organic watermelon and cantaloupe. They will have more on August 25. Look for loads of new pepers, cherry tomatoes, beans and perhaps crowder peas in next few weeks.

Finn’s Ranch: They have a new Brat this week; Hand Crafted Sweet Jalapeno and Swiss Brat.

Brian Severson Farms: Continues to sell out his popcorn from seeds originating in the 1880s and plans on offering samples of his new baked goods from his wholesome grains.


Watermelon Agua Fresca with Vodka, Basil and Mint

You will have leftover agua fresca, but you could cut the recipe in half or keep it around for regular sipping for a couple of days.

For the Agua Fresca:

  • 5 Cups of diced seedless watermelon
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • 3 ½ Cups water
  • The juice of 1 fresh lime (reserve the rind)
  • ½ teaspoon of salt

Combine the watermelon, sugar, water, lime juice and salt in a blender. Blend until pureed. Strain the mixture through a mesh sieve, discard solids, and refrigerate the juice until cold; several hours or overnight.

For the Cocktail:

  • ½ reserved lime rind
  • 2 fresh basil leaves
  • 2 fresh mint leaf
  • 2 ounces high-quality vodka
  • 5 ounces prepared watermelon agua fresca (a generous ½ Cup)

For the Garnishes:

  • mint sprigs
  • nectarine slices
  • blueberries

Place the half of the lime rind, basil and mint leaves in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and muddle gently with a wooden spoon or stainless steel muddler-your goal is to just bruise the leaves. Add the vodka to the shaker and press with the muddler onece or twice more. Fill the shaker with ice and add the watermelon agua fresca. Cover and shake well for about 30 seconds. Strain the cocktail into an ice-filled rocks glass garnished with a mint sprig, nectarine slices and several blueberries.

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