Here at Oak Park Eats we do the hard work of learning about new restaurants, food-related businesses, chefs, drink specials and anything else culinary that we can get our hands on. But every once in a while, something comes along that defies all categories. Something so special that we just have to share it.

Squirrel with a cookie is such a thing.

Where did the squirrel get the cookie? We don’t know. Why does the squirrel seem so angry? Probably because we spent 10 minutes chasing it to get this video for your entertainment.

Do you have any photos or video of animals chowing down on cookies or any other food products worth sharing? We bet you do.

Oak Park Eats is putting out a call to all readers to please share with us your favorite animals-with-food-related images videos.

The top contributor will receive no prize other than to know that they have made the world a better place. For all those wondering, this video was shot near the corner of Madison Street and South Kenilworth Avenue. Music is “Boog It” by Cab Calloway.

Please send all videos and images to

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