The Oak Park Board of Trustees, that’s who.

The village board voted unanimously at the Monday, July 30 meeting to allow dogs back into Beer Shop, a beer and wine bar at 1026 North Blvd.

The village ordered Beer Shop to stop allowing dogs in the bar earlier this year after a patron complained, and the doggie ban prompted a series of public meetings with the Oak Park Board of Health, which concluded that the village should allow establishments with a Class D-16 liquor license to have dogs in the establishment.

That’s an important distinction because Beer Shop happens to be the only establishment in the village with such a license (Class D as in dog?).  

The whole thing is just a formality, really, because Beer Shop has been letting dogs in the bar for the last several months despite the village’s order. Yes, Beer Shop, we saw what you did there.

Beer Shop owner Anthony Compaglia was elated with the decision, writing on Facebook: “Similar to when the Cubs won the World Series, we probably won’t stop celebrating for quite some time. Stay tuned for info on a puppy-friendly celebratory bash this September.”

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