A correction involving the votes of local legislators on Senate Bill 1451 (5G) [Public safety at risk with new bill, Viewpoints, July 25], the Small Cell Wireless Facilities Deployment Act: 

Sen. Don Harmon/OP voted YEA 708-848-2002

Rep. Camille Lily/OP voted NV (Not Voting) 708-613-5939

Sen. Kimberly Lightford/OP, RF voted YEA 708-343-7444

Rep. La Shawn Ford/OP voted NAY 773-378-5902

Rep. Chris Welch/RF voted NAY 708-450-1000

Questions for our local legislators:

Why did you vote as you did? 

Whose OP or RF 5G environmental views did you seek? 

Barbara Mullarkey 

Co-founder of OPEN (Oak Park Environmental Network)

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