It will be a nice addition to Concordia University’s River Forest campus. An enclosed walkway between two buildings on the west side of the campus. Imagine how welcome that will be when the snow flies. 

Too bad this $400,000 walkway won’t accommodate a person in a wheelchair. 


In 2018, a university will spend that much money – from an anonymous donor – to add an amenity aimed at providing convenience but which excludes many people with a disability.

We find this startling. And unacceptable. That River Forest’s Development Review Board and its village board both signed off on the permits is also a disappointing surprise. At the start of the DRB process either staff or volunteer members needed to have spoken up and said this just won’t fly. 

It is not too late for this great and good Lutheran college to step back, acknowledge its blinders and retool this project even if the cost inevitably rises. Better that everyone struggles through the rain and snow this year than to have the able bodied accommodated while those with a disability are left in the cold.

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