It’s good when local government can move quickly. Oak Park’s village board did that last year when it directed staff to find $3 million in budget cuts to ease budget pressures. Staff responded with a smorgasbord of dozens of spending cuts — small and smaller. 

It is even better, though, when that same board can be persuaded that it made a mistake on one of those cuts and unanimously rescinds the change. It happened last week when local business leaders petitioned the board to reinstate a $15,000 line item to subsidize holiday decorations across the village.

Until you’ve sat on the volunteer boards of a local business district, you can’t understand the work and the angst of trying to light up 40 light poles for the winter holidays. There’s never money to just pay a professional firm to come through and light up the street. And then to have your village government — always talking about supporting local business — cut the paltry funding they use to match your efforts is just infuriating.

So good for the village board for making this small thing right.

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