I love apple pie! Using it to explain the irrational, arbitrary tax assessment system offends my pie senses. Great apple pie is made precisely, with a selection of the perfect apples, mixture of spices and great crust, baked just right. Real estate tax assessments offend the notion of what makes a tasty treat.

Let me focus on assessments — how can the county (according to Ali ElSaffar, Viewpoints, July 11) justify/explain an increase in assessments of 29 percent? I wish I had only an 11 or 18 percent increase. No rational, competent, knowledgeable person would say the price of Oak Park homes (my home) increased 29 percent in the last three years.

It makes no sense. In the crash of 2009 when values went down 30 percent, my assessment went up 30 percent.  

Sorry Ali, your attempt to explain real estate taxes by referring to apple pie does nothing to answer the real question: Why is my pie 29 percent more valuable today than it was three years ago?

Bill Niro

Oak Park

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