Turano has been a good neighbor for the 30+ years we’ve lived in Oak Park. Hey, this company is family owned, employs many folks, maintains its property, has added revenue to Berwyn, and now it would be great to have some revenue on the Oak Park side of Roosevelt Road. By the way, Turano’s has a great bakery (though that will stay across the street).

The village should be happy to have such a good company thinking of expanding to our side of Roosevelt Road. I don’t have any problems with a taller fence protecting their lot. And yes, the security of a tall fence is needed on Roosevelt Road. This is a major thoroughfare attracting all sorts of vehicle traffic, so deterrents are good — no problem with the higher fence (the type of fencing shown in the photo looks fine). The plan looks good and the building rendering fits into the area architecturally. Heck of a lot better than tattoo parlors, half-empty condo buildings, “buy gold here” businesses, etc. We have to start speaking up here in south Oak Park and keep our good businesses close.

Thank you, Turano family, for being such a good neighbor, and we are happy to have your HQ on our side of the street in Oak Park. Come on, village, what’s the problem? Let’s get started building on this project now!

Judy Kich-Crowley

Oak Park

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