The Taxing Body Efficiency Task Force — that’s a mouthful — may have already decided by the time you read this to move ahead with an advisory referendum this winter on whether it should continue to study a possible consolidation of Oak Park’s village government with township government.

Study away, we say, but how about some action, too. As noted already in this week’s troubling editorial package, we now have Realtors saying taxes are too high in Oak Park. Do something.


As long as you’re studying merging the township in Oak Park with the village, how about the even lower-hanging fruit of merging River Forest Township into Oak Park Township? River Forest Township basically purchases its services from Oak Park Township already.

Why did the logical deal to move the District 97 building department into the over-sized Oak Park public works garage come apart? If you can merge police and fire dispatch, why can’t River Forest, Forest Park and Oak Park create a joint fire district, eliminating, at least, administrative costs? How about a resolution from every taxing body that the incoming property tax boost from the four new high-rises in downtown Oak Park will be used to mitigate taxes, not just be absorbed into already prodigious spending habits.

Time for innovation and self-discipline to preserve our values rather than raising a batch of candidates solely focused on cutting spending.

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