Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Oak Park hosted a midday prayer vigil on Sunday, July 1, to pray for children and families torn apart by current immigration policies. About 50 people of all ages gathered on the lawn of the church to pray for comfort for the children and parents, and for wisdom and compassion for those making decisions about the families. The vigil, led by co-pastors Ben Lynch and Hailey Braden Lynch, included the reading of two dozen scripture passages which lift up love and neighborliness and hospitality to “the stranger” in our land. Prayer flags with Bible verses, made by children and adults before the vigil, were held during the service. 

Everyone at the vigil joined in singing the chosen song, “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Families from other congregations were welcomed to the vigil as all prayed together for separated children and families. At the conclusion, everyone was encouraged to make a prayer flag to take home as part of continuing to pray for the children and families suffering from separation.

Linda Martens

Fair Oak Presbyterian Church

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