It started with a complaint by a condo owner in Oak Park, who wanted to own more than one pooch. Now, the Oak Park Board of Trustees is asking the Board of Health to review the village’s policy on just how many pets residents can own.

Kathleen Huttner, the condo owner who filed the complaint, wanted to get a four-legged companion from her Schnauzer, Freya, but a village ordinance forbids condos dwellers from owning two dogs.

The ordinance now states that residents of single-family homes and townhomes can own up to three dogs. Those in two- and three-flat buildings can own two, and condo owners can own only one mutt.

Huttner posed the question to elected officials earlier this year, but she might be out of the picture soon, according to an email. She notes that her condo building was recently sold in a bulk sale, and she’s thinking of buying a single-family home in Forest Park or Berwyn, “so I can get that second dog with no problems”.

The ordinance that currently determines the number of dogs that can be owned – it also sets standards for other pets like cats, rabbits, gerbils birds and pigs – was approved in 2004.

Timothy Inklebarger

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