It’s been a couple months since Bricks Wood-Fired Pizza Café opened its doors for business at 128 N. Oak Park Ave., and patrons who’ve gotten a taste for their unique brand of pie can now learn to bake their own.

Bricks is offering group classes, which run $15 for kids and $25 for adults – add $5 for adults for a free drink.

“We not only go through the history of pizza making in Bricks-style pizza, but we go through Neapolitan in general, so you learn about the company’s history, you learn about this style of pizza’s history, you learn a lot of things about where Bricks came from and then in the process we spend about 15 minutes going through the dough-making process,” Bricks co-owner Ric Gruber Jr. said in a recent interview.

Pizza students will learn how to work and stretch the dough by hand and then build the pizza “any way you like it,” Gruber said.

“We bake it in the oven for you – it takes about 90 seconds. You learn about the oven as well,” he added.

Classes run about one to two hours, depending on the time of day the class is scheduled.

In other pizza news, Bricks is about to launch its new food truck. “It’s almost complete and … we will have it here in the middle of next week,” Gruber said.

Bricks already has about 20 bookings for the mobile wood-fired oven, which also will be rolling through the city and making stops at various breweries and festivals the rest of the summer.


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