We were recently walking around the South Oak Park Avenue business district near the Eisenhower Expressway – known to some as Southtown – and came across this bit of witty sandwich-sign wisdom from The Looking Glass bookstore, 823 S. Oak Park Ave.

“BOOKS: Giving introverts a life since 1440,” the sign reads.  

We realized that books and bookstores are due for a hearty, “Thank you,” from all the introverted readers.

One anonymous reader took issue with the sandwich sign, however, noting in an off-the-record, tongue-in-cheek communication via Facebook: “I’m irrationally annoyed by this bookstore claiming books only existed since 1440.”

If you like books, check them out or find them on Facebook at @thelookingglassbookstore. Now leave us alone, we’re trying to read.

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