At Night of Champions on Wednesday, June 20 from 7-8:30 p.m., at the Lund Auditorium on the Dominican University campus in River Forest, the Wednesday Journal All-Stars will show off more star power than the ESPY’s or the courtside crowds at Staples Center and Madison Square Garden. Over 80 of the best student-athletes from Oak Park and River Forest and Fenwick are invited to attend the annual sports awards party, We’re talking about state champions, record-breakers, scoring leaders, defensive stoppers and a plethora of current All-Conference performers and future college athletes.

The All-Stars will be recognized on a posterboard in the foyer of Lund Auditorium and also during the show with a round of applause.

In addition to the WJ All-Stars, elite category award winners like Jake Rundell (OPRF wrestling state champ), Jacob Kaminkski (Fenwick wrestling state champ), Meave Nelson and Fiona Girardot (OPRF softball stars), as well the OPRF wrestling team, Fenwick girls hockey team and Fenwick water polo program will be celebrated, Fenwick boys lacrosse coach Jerry Considine, along with Oak Park residents Melvin Tate and Alex Cabancungan will be honored on stage as well with the presentation of their awards.

Along with the All-Stars shown in attachment, here’s the list of Honorable Mention student-athletes: Alexis Attard, Fenwick golf; Zora Barnett, OPRF volleyball; Hailey Bergen, OPRF badminton; Billy Bruce, Fenwick golf/basketball; Anika Carlson, OPRF golf; Vanessa Celio, Fenwick volleyball; Natalie Chizzo, OPRF volleyball; Andrew Corsini, OPRF golf; Thomas Cozzi, OPRF water polo; Danny Cronin, Fenwick football; Nathan Diamond, OPRF baseball; Dan Franklin, OPRF water polo; Max Forst, Fenwick football; Haley Gladden, OPRF golf; Max Goldstein, OPRF hockey; Josh Harris, Fenwick track & field; Maeve Heflin, OPRF badminton; Bobby Iwashima, OPRF soccer; Cal Jaques, OPRF water polo; Ricky Jones, OPRF hockey; George Lagios, Fenwick lacrosse; Liam Mahon, Fenwick wrestling; James Maguire, OPRF soccer; Ben Manola, OPRF tennis; Rachel Martinez, Fenwick softball;  Marie Miller, Fenwick equestrian; Damari Nixon, Fenwick basketball; Hope Nowak, OPRF lacrosse; John Parker, OPRF golf; Anthony Roberts, OPRF basketball; Chase Robinson, OPRF basketball; Grace Rogowski, Fenwick swimming; Malachi Ross, OPRF basketball; Rachel Rowe, OPRF track & field; Joe Runnells, Fenwick baseball; Darse Sanchez, OPRF basketball; Michael Scudder, Fenwick golf; Ale Sleuwen, OPRF volleyball; Ivan Soto, Fenwick water polo; Sean Wangelin, OPRF tennis; Destiny White, OPRF track & field; Dylan Whitney, OPRF baseball; Reese Wildermuth, Fenwick golf; Matt Zuber, Fenwick wrestling.

Please join us for Night of Champions at Dominican University on June 20! Night of Champions, free and open to the public, provides an entertaining and fun reminder of why it’s a great day to be a Huskie and it’s time to Friar up.



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