In the annals of Oak Park crime, the theft of the Polk Bros. Santa from high atop the former cement mixing capital of Oak Park, Mohr Concrete, surely stands among the most brazen and despicable acts.

Who would do such a dastardly deed? Santa has safeguarded all who gazed up at the concrete hopper since 1957! And we are discounting our online commenter who blamed the theater kids at OPRF as being “off on one of their scavenger hunts.” It can’t be that simple — though kids on crew, used to navigating catwalks, might be willing to scale Mohr’s tippy top of the crushed rock conveyor belt.

But we’re only speculating (melo-dramatically) here. We will leave this nefarious case in the hands of our local police, whom we are confident are giving it the resources necessary.

After all, Christmas is only seven months away.  

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