Re: Gina Orlando’s One View [How did you come to call Oak Park home? Viewpoints, May 23] states that she loved the Oak Park ad in Chicago magazine advertising OP as “The People Place.” She thought the village government placed the ads. 

Having coined the term “The People Place,” which appeared as the title of our first brochure in 1972, written the ad, done the layout, and paid for it from the Oak Park Housing Center, I can clearly state that it was not the village of Oak Park that presented or paid for the ad. 

In addition to that ad, I placed ads in magazines throughout the U.S., such as Psychology Today, Saturday Review, Ms., and others so that we could continue to attract a diverse group of residents to our community. We kept track of the results of those ads, and they worked. 

People still stop me to tell me that they are here, 40 years later, as a result of one of our ads.

Bobbie Raymond

Oak Park

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