It’s been about a week and a half since white supremacist flyers began appearing around downtown Oak Park, and now at least one opposition flyer has appeared near the main branch of the Oak Park Public Library.

The flyer that appeared sometime over the weekend reads: “Always stand up to Nazi trash” and depicts a figure throwing a swastika into a trash bin. Below the icon are the words: “Hate has no home here.”

The flyer was placed in a plastic covering to protect it from the rain. It was first discovered by a Wednesday Journal employee on Sunday and had not been removed as of Monday, May 21.

The flyer is likely a response to the anti-immigration flyers that appeared taped to lamp posts in the public way on May 11. Posted by a group calling itself Blood and Soil, those flyers appeared at several locations in the downtown area.

Oak Park Deputy Police Chief Frank Limon requested that the public remove those flyers if they see them, noting that a village ordinance prohibits posting flyers in the public way. 

Tim Inklebarger

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