Perhaps more so in perilous times, but Memorial Day is a sober occasion to honor and respect men and women who in our past and in the present have joined the U.S. military to protect our nation, to represent our nation and its values in conflicts the world over.

It is also a day to remember the profound power of the U.S. armed forces, and to be clear in our expectation that the use of its power will be in support of thoughtful initiatives and not rogue impulses.

In our villages, we celebrate Memorial Day 2018 on Monday, as we have for so many decades, with a parade through River Forest. This is a traditional parade honoring our local veterans, both specific and in their totality. Marching bands, scouts, all manner of elected officials and representatives of every local group and agency which spin the connective tissue that makes these such great villages.

Wednesday Journal is among the many sponsors. We’ll see you along Ashland Avenue. And don’t worry, we’ve got Twizzlers by the bucketful.

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