On Thursday, May 17, Brookdale Oak Park, formerly Holley Court Terrace, celebrated our 26th year in the village. There are so many reasons to be thankful for living in a village like this one. 

Our residents are of the senior population and while they are able to enjoy many aspects of what it means to be in an active community like ours, they are also able to enjoy all that Oak Park has to offer. From the parks (we love Austin Gardens!) to the shopping (Shout out to our neighbors, Trader Joe’s!) the wonderful restaurants (We’re talking about you, The Little Gem!), the history (Frank Lloyd Wright, Hemingway, and more!) and most of all the amazing people. The diverse and vibrant population is what draws people to this town and keeps them here. Many of our residents raised their families in Oak Park and decided that moving out of the village was not an option. Oak Park has staying power and our seniors planted their roots here and continue to thrive in their town. It is an honor to be a part of this village. 

Thank you, Oak Park!

Brookdale Oak Park Team

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