I’m in the habit of taking a weekly walk of several miles with my friend Bob. Recently I came across a brief flyer prepared by a teacher candidate at Elmhurst College listing a selection of Little Free Libraries in Oak Park and Berwyn, which gave me the idea of putting our weekly walks to a practical use — I mean other than the exercise. Bob and I simply started walking on each street in south Oak Park and noting the Little Free libraries along the way. The books are free. My hope is both that you will find it an excuse to take a walk or a bike ride and also find something good along the way. You might also drop off some the books you’re done with — you know you have them sitting around your house. 

832 S. Clarence

329 S. Clinton

1110 S. Clinton

608 S. East

1156 S. East 

639 S. Harvey

704 S. Harvey

535 S. Highland

620 S. Highland

915 S. Highland

1038 S. Highland

431 S. Home

802 S. Home

1114 S. Home

318 S. Humphrey

820 S. Humphrey

1034 S. Humphrey

1154 S. Kenilworth

639 S. Lyman

739 S. Lyman

1115 S. Lyman

424 S. Linden

1102 S. Lombard

1167 S. Lombard

1171 S. Lombard

Mills Park – south center

316 S. Oak Park

512 S. Oak Park

1014 S. Scoville

736 S. Taylor

1043 S. Wenonah

1126 S. Wesley

332 S. Wisconsin

1138 S. Wisconsin

1133 S. Wisconsin

 Steve Olderr

Oak Park

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