Imagine OPRF is just a few weeks away from initiating discussion with the District 200 school board about recommendations for a long-range facilities master plan. We invite all to come review and discuss our master plan concepts on May 19 (9:30 a.m.) or May 21 (7 p.m.), our fourth round of community conversations since November.

Imagine OPRF is a community-led volunteer group of 30 community members and 11 faculty and staff. We’ve been working since August to research OPRF’s facilities needs, gather input from students, faculty, staff, and community members, develop conceptual solutions for addressing the school’s current and future needs, and recommend a long-range facilities master plan to the D200 board.

As is common in master planning, Imagine’s process is program-driven rather than budget-driven. It is also more holistic than some recent planning processes. We began by assessing OPRF’s needs campus-wide, conceptualizing solutions to meet them, and refining concepts based on stakeholder input (our current stage). 

Imagine will present a conceptual master plan to the D200 board in June. After the board gives us more direction regarding component and staging priorities, Imagine will again refine the master plan and, only then, begin putting enough detail on that plan to develop cost estimates for first-stage plan components. We expect the planning process, and interaction with the D200 board, to continue on through 2018.

This patient, open process is intended to solve multiple problems efficiently and interdependently, rather than in isolation; to solve for the long term, with multiple stages carried out and paid for over years, or even decades, rather than a single project with a single price tag; to make sure that money is not wasted on short-term fixes when a longer-term solution is planned; and to ensure that every dollar is invested wisely, with the greatest impact. (The Imagine community members are taxpayers too!)

We invite all to come talk with us about our master plan concepts on May 19 (9:30 a.m.) or May 21 (7 p.m.) in the OPRF South Cafeteria, 201 N. Scoville Ave. 

Both meetings will cover the same content.

Lynn Kamenitsa and Mike Poirier

Imagine OPRF co-chairs 

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