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Flyers from a white supremacist hate group calling itself Blood and Soil began appearing, taped to lampposts in the public way, on Friday, May 11, in downtown Oak Park, and Oak Park police are calling on residents to remove them.

The flyers called on residents to report “illegal aliens” to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security tip line, listing the agency number and stating: “They are not immigrants, they are criminals.”

Oak Park Deputy Police Chief Frank Limon said in a telephone interview that “it’s illegal to post these signs in the public right of way.”

“We’re going request people who see them to remove them, and if officers find them, we’re going to remove them,” Limon said.

He said anyone caught posting such flyers would be issued a citation.

It is the second time this year white supremacists have tried to spread messages in Oak Park. In February, members of a group calling themselves Identity Evropa was captured on video hanging a banner over the Ridgeland Avenue overpass of the I-290 Expressway that stated: “Danger: Sanctuary City Ahead.”

Officers happened upon the six men and told them to remove the banner. Several of the men featured in the video, which was posted on the Chicago CBS2 website, covered their faces with masks to hide their identities.


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