Oak Park parent and teacher Lisa Stukel was one of six teachers whom the Chicago Sun-Times and the ad firm Ogilvy & Mather Chicago took to a firing range to “see what would happen if Trump’s proposition [to train and arm teachers with concealed weapons] came to fruition,” according to an article on the experiment in Ad Week. 

“The biggest thing I remember is being scared,” Stukel says in the roughly 3-minute video, part of the Sun-Times’ “31 Bullets” campaign to end gun violence. 

“After I shot this gun it was so powerful that it kicked back,” Stukel said. “To me it’s not something that should be part of my alphabet and short vowel chart.” 

On the campaign’s deftly designed landing page, 31bullets.suntimes.com/, viewers can scroll over 31 separate boxes, each bearing a different illustration, to see a different “bullet” point of information, alerting readers to subjects like concealed carry and child locks. 

The video featuring Stukel and other teachers during weapons training at the range is in the first bullet, which the Sun-Times sums up, not unsurprisingly: “We believe this is not only an impractical solution, but a risky one.” 

Well, that’s putting it mildly. 

Michael Romain 

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