Principal Nathaniel Rouse revealed that 245 students were prohibited from enrolling at Oak Park and River Forest High School due to the fact that they did not reside in Oak Park or River Forest. Had those 245 students completed four years of education at OPRF, the collective cost would have been $21,382,620! Does OPRF ever attempt to recover the tuition which was stolen? Of course not, but why not?

There are those who would argue that the parents of these students and the students themselves are just trying to “better” themselves by attending OPRF. I feel that the parents and the students are both engaging in criminal behavior, fraud, deception, theft of services, etc. Furthermore, I feel that both the parents and the students are well aware of their criminal actions and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

If I as a parent go to the Jewel with my teenage daughter and we both steal some steaks and get caught, guess what, we are both going to be handcuffed and taken to jail, for a court date. Why then would we not prosecute this criminal behavior that is costing the OPRF millions of dollars? It makes no sense. 

The border jumping problem has been going on for many years and for every border jumper exposed, there are probably two border jumpers enrolled. It is time to address this problem as a crime and get those stealing their education held responsible both criminally and financially. Border jumping students are also widespread at the elementary schools and middle school levels.

Daniel R. Hefner

Forest Park

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