My wife of 52 years is experiencing physical problems. The other day we were preparing to go to Rush Hospital downtown, when her legs folded up and she landed on the floor. Unable to move her, I used 911 for the first time in my life. The 911 operator was a paragon of calm, professional compassion and she reassured me that my plea was fully justified and help was on the way. 

Ten minutes later, three very large firefighter/paramedics rang my doorbell, took command of the situation and got “the wife” safely strapped into my car. I wondered why that much strength was sent to help a woman 85 pounds soaking wet; then it occurred to me that she could have easily been 385 pounds and that brawn would not be enough. 

I am extending a big thank you to the 911 operator and the Oak Park Fire Department — you did your community proud.

Ray Simpson 

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