Tyra Manning, former River Forest District 90 superintendent and Dominican University professor, is working on a second book Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life through Storytelling, which encourages readers to explore their mental health experiences and feelings through writing.

Manning’s first book. Where the Water Meets the Sand, was awarded the Independent Book Publisher’s 2017 Franklin Gold Award for Best Memoir and the Texas Association of Authors Award for Best Autobiography. It tells the story of losing her husband, Larry, in the Vietnam War, and struggling to come to terms with the loss through depression, alcoholism and finally spiritual reconciliation.

For 12 years, Manning served as superintendent of K-8 education in D90. She then went on to serve as an assistant professor of education and director of the master’s in teaching and teaching certification programs at Dominican University for three years. She retired from education administration in 2012, and has since gone on to become a motivational speaker and author.

 The Kindle edition of Your Turn: Ways to Celebrate Life Through Storytelling is priced at $9.95 on Amazon.com and will be available in early April 2019. A price for the paperback edition is currently unavailable although it will also be released in early April of next year, according to Amazon.com.

Nona Tepper

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