I attended the Transportation Commission meeting on Jan. 29 and submitted a list of written questions related to the proposed parking pilot and overnight parking. I asked for hard data, not opinion or anecdotal musings, on the following related to the proposed pilot and any subsequent easing of overnight parking in our village: the percentage of Oak Park’s adult residents who support the proposed action; the current cost and long-term costs of the proposed action; the availability and efficacy of the technology needed to manage this incredibly complicated plan of action; the number of additional police officers to be hired to monitor and enforce the action; the impact on snow and leaf removal and sewer cleaning of this action; how more vehicles parked on residential streets, especially at night, created by this action, will impact resident safety; the impact on residential property values of this action; how more vehicles in our village, as this action would lead to, supports the village’s commitment to the environment; and the impact on the character of Oak Park as a village, not a city, as a result of this action.  

I gave my email and address and phone number.

Over two months have passed and I have not received a reply to a single question addressed to the Transportation Commission. Unless the Transportation Commission is prepared to explain why they are considering an action that will fundamentally change the character and safety of Oak Park and will publicly answer my questions posed over two months ago, this 45-year resident sees no reason for holding the planned April 23 meeting of the Transportation Commission.

James Gates

Oak Park

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