I am writing again with an emotional plea that you contact your congressman, and any other members of Congress, to remind them that they are part of the three equal branches of our government. They have the same power and authority as the president. As such, let us urge them to be the check on any further outrageous judgements or behavior by President Trump.

It is apparent that our president’s personal problems, Mueller’s extensive investigation of Russia’s interference in our elections (and the President’s involvement in the Russian activity), plus resistance to his wishes, have totally unnerved him. This obvious frustration has caused him to dismiss associates and cabinet appointees with whom he did not agree.

Unfortunately, the President’s replacements are for the most part merely “yes men.” An exception to this group is “War Hawk” John Bolton whom he selected to head National Security. Bolton is an experienced, imposing leader who has been crusading for quite some time for a preemptive war with Iran and North Korea.

This position feeds into Trump’s view and his fiery rhetoric favoring power by strong military action. Congress has been complacent and has permitted the President to set his own agenda, and make his own decisions without questioning. This sets a dangerous precedent.

Also troublesome, is our third branch of government, the judiciary, which has relinquished its authority. They have allowed the President to set laws that are questionable as to their constitutionality. President Trump’s recent appointment to the Supreme Court solidifies the bias.

When similar unbalance of power, took place in Germany it took only “151 days to change that nation from a democracy to a totalitarian dictatorship.” This statement was hung in the Berlin museum constructed on the site of the Berlin Gestapo headquarters. In Germany there was repeated criticism of the Justice Dept. that finally led to the Gestapo. Jews and gypsies were the scapegoats, the enemies of the nation, just as Trump has proclaimed that immigrants, Muslims, and Mexicans are “bad” people. Germany’s news media was accused of being prejudiced against the Third Reich, which led to a single Hitler-approved public information center. Our President trusts only Fox News, all else is “fake news,” but what frightens me most is the war talk.

Haven’t we had enough of war? I personally dealt with the horror of World War II and then lived to observe oh so many young people die in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, and the continuing Afghanistan War. We don’t require the violence of war to establish pride in our nation. Look what happened when Germany tried to be the power over all the world!

Trump America has many similarities to prewar Germany, but our differences are far more significant. Two-thirds of our population does not agree with Trump’s drive for power and white supremacy. I am sure we Americans would challenge the President if he seeks war to increase his power.

I realize we all have our prejudices and are often gullible to appealing persuasions, but the majority of our nation is passionate about our democracy and about protecting it.

Let us all become involved to keep our nation proud and safe under our Constitution and urging Congress to preserve the checks and balances of our three branches of government.

Harriet Hausman is a longtime resident of River Forest.

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