We’ve all passed that homeless person on the street or reached for your wallet or in your pocket for change. Well, that is what I am asking you today but on a larger scale. My goal this year is $15,000 — ambitious but for a very good cause.

Twenty-five percent of Crop Walk funds go to help our neighbors here in Oak Park and around the western suburbs, through our PADS program (Housing Forward) which gives shelter and food and helps people get jobs and through the food pantry here in Oak Park and seven more pantries around the western suburbs, one located in Austin.

The other 75 percent goes to our neighbors around the world. Our purpose is to open up two aquifers (for this they need a pump) in two different locations so that they could irrigate fields and plant food for themselves. A group of these farmers would then go to another village to help that village with their farming. This process would continue until we stamp out hunger.

We can help here today and giving to the Crop Walk helps for a lifetime.

You can donate online at the address provided below (make out checks to CWS-Church World Services) or catch me around town.

Please visit my personal page: https://www.crophungerwalk.org/oakparkil/dougwyman

God bless,

Doug Wyman

Oak Park

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