No. The Ramblers are not a cause celebré [Win or lose, Ramblers a cause celebré, John Hubbuch, Viewpoints, March 28]. They are not a controversy. They are not the subject of public debate, nor are they a legal issue. Their accomplishments should be celebrated, but they are not a cause.

Alan Peres

Oak Park

Editor’s note: John Hubbuch was not guilty of the inaccurate use of “cause celebré.” It was his nitwit editor. We stand corrected (and changed the headline online), though we would quibble with the notion that the Ramblers’ NCAA run was not a “cause.” It was definitely a cause. The effect was a lot of hooting and hollering and more good feeling about college basketball than many of us have experienced in many years. And we strongly agree that Loyola’s accomplishments are cause for celebration.

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