First District Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin has conceded to Brandon Johnson, a Chicago teacher and union organizer.

During a March 26 phone interview, Boykin said that he made the call Monday afternoon.

“I thought it was time to go on and put closure to this and I also pledged to work with him in a smooth transition,” Boykin said. “I wished him well and told him I’m here if you need me. I plan to finish out my term and I hope we work together. I thought he was gracious in victory.”

By the time the polls closed on March 20, Johnson was up on Boykin by fewer than 400 votes, with no more than a dozen precincts still to be reported. Those outstanding votes left Boykin with an opening to stave off a concession call until provisional ballots had been counted.

Since last Tuesday’s election, however, Johnson’s lead had gradually opened up to 436, with all precincts in the city and suburbs reported, according to online election data from the Cook County Clerk’s office and the Chicago Board of Elections. 

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