An Illinois Appellate Court ruled on March 14 that Cook County assessor candidate Andrea Raila will appear as a qualified candidate on the ballot in the March 20 primary election.

Raila faces incumbent Joe Berrios and Oak Park resident Fritz Kaegi.

Kaegi had challenged Raila’s nominating petition, and a Cook County Electoral Board and Cook County Circuit Court, disqualified her candidacy, stating Raila engaged in signature fraud.

While the circuit court confirmed the electoral board’s ruling, the decision came so late that Raila’s name still appeared on the ballot, even though the circuit court ruled any votes for her would not count.

 Prior to the appellate court decision on March 14, Kaegi already was grappling with that fact, though he said he did not believe her presence there would make a “significant difference.”

Now, any vote for Raila will be counted.

Raila issued a press release following the appellate court decision, calling the challenge to her nominating petitions “political harassment.”

Kaegi also released a statement claiming that the reversal “just six days before Election Day sets a dangerous precedent that will encourage future campaigns to engage in fraud with no fear of repercussion.”


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