Who is tired of attorneys and lobbyists running our government? Most of us I would assume. Who would like to see someone in Cook County government who actually has direct experience in public education? In the race for Cook County Commissioner 1st District we have exactly that opportunity. It is time for a change. The incumbent, Richard Boykin, has not only managed to remain on the right side of the Cook County Democratic Machine and Illinois’ vast lobbyist network, but has doubled down on his Republican leanings by disparaging the youth in our communites by calling on the U.N. to send troops. 

It is also a mystery to me why people see jumping in front of a parade already in motion as a sign of leadership. Certainly noone liked the sugared drink tax, but getting rid of it with no plan to make up the revenue is the height of irresponsibility. On the other hand if one does not care about sustaining operations at the County Hospital, staffing the criminal justice system, or minimal services and safety at the County Jail, I suppose this looks like leadership. 

The challenger Brandon Johnson has the vision, the plan and the direct connection to our communities to get the priorities in county government back where they should be — supporting development hand in hand with adequate funding to fulfill the basic governmental functions that we all too often take for granted. 

This is very much a David and Goliath race. But David had his people with him because he was on the side of his people. Brandon Johnson is one of us and will work for us — not for the moneyed interests.

In the race for the 11th Judicial Subcircuit, I urge all to vote to retain Judge Joanne Rosado. I have known Judge Rosado since she was a young public defender. She stood out from day one and has spent her career defending the least of us. Her perspective, the result of years of facing the impact of law enforcement on our communities and individuals (both the accused and victims), is one of balance and fairness all too often lacking on the bench. As a former public defender myself, I cannot stress enough the need to have judges who understand it is people caught up in these situations, and not just a shuffling of the various institutional interests. Vote for someone who has spent her whole career making sure justice for all truly means justice for all.

Kent Dean 

Oak Park 

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