I am writing in support of Oak Park neighbor and friend Timothy John Leeming, who is the only one in town vying for vote in his judicial race. I have known Tim and his wife and kids for many years. And I am not surprised that he has received the “highest rating” from the Woman’s Bar Association. Tim has always supported women and the legal career of his wife (who works as a Cook County Judge). I remember when Tim agreed to have his sister-in-law live with them for a time, while his sister-in-law also completed her legal studies — and was awarded a double LLM (advanced JD) law degree from John Marshal Law School.   

Tim has always been a supporter of strong accomplished women. I see that he has the highest rating from the Woman’s Bar Association, and has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune as being the best candidate in his race.

While I am particularly interested in qualified women candidates, I am not impressed with the only female running against Tim. I have looked into her qualifications and find that she is not rated by any established professional Bar Association. I also have discovered that she promoted her legal services as an attorney by posing in her underwear with the slogan “Life Is Short – Get A Divorce.” I am not making this up. It is public record. I support the three women serving in the United States Supreme Court, and the women who serve as Justices in the Illinois Appellate Court, Illinois Supreme Court, and the trial courts — none of whom made their careers by posing nearly naked.

I am not supportive of the way this woman has made her way in the legal profession. Nor do I appreciate the example she sets for the girls and other women in my life who are looking for role models. I will not offer her a “gender vote” under these circumstances. 

Tim Leeming is a smart, decent, hard-working attorney and family man from Oak Park. He is the best guy, and I encourage everyone to vote for him.  

Leisa Marthaler

Oak Park, teacher, wife, and mother

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