As a lawyer who has practiced in the Circuit Court of Cook County for nearly 25 years, I know the value of a good judge. Every day, Circuit Court judges make decisions of great importance to those who come before them — from whether lawsuits will proceed or evidence be excluded to whether men and women will spend years of their lives in prison. Making those decisions well requires not just the legal skill and intelligence needed to correctly apply the law and the fundamental impartiality and integrity needed to apply it fairly, but a dedication to the job, since even the smartest and fairest can get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cases requiring their attention. 

Scott Frankel has been my friend and neighbor for nearly as long as I’ve been practicing law, and there’s no question he will make a great judge. His intelligence and knowledge of the law, developed over nearly three decades of practice, makes him a lawyer to whom other lawyers turn with legal questions and as a valued clinical teacher. He is unfailingly fair, someone who takes the time to listen even when his own opinions may differ. Above all, he is dedicated to justice. 

He routinely takes on court appointments to assist criminal defendants and others in great need of legal services because they need the best help a lawyer can offer, even if they cannot pay as much as his talents would warrant. It is no surprise to me that the Chicago Bar Association recently gave him its highest possible rating — one of only a few judicial candidates to receive that designation. 

The Circuit Court of Cook County could use a judge like Scott Frankel. Please join me in voting for him for the 11th Subcircuit vacancy on March 20.

John Martin 

Oak Park 

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