Now and then, we of that class known as seniors are punished for our age by large companies such as Walgreens. I have been a customer for many years, purchasing all my prescription drugs at this source.

Over the past few years, the prescription clerks have been repeatedly notifying me that the medicines are ready for pickup. To my dismay, I receive only partial refills, which causes me to make a second trip to the store to complete my prescription order.

Now that I do not drive any longer, each time I go to the store costs me taxi or other driver charges. Yesterday after another partial refill, I requested a delivery. The answer I received was that there is a $6 charge for any delivery. When I complained about the consistent partial refills and the delivery charge as a result of their incomplete orders, my answer was, “That is company policy.” I asked about their so-called concern for their customer’s well-being in all their advertising. The answer was “I’m sorry, ma’am” and a hang up!

Oh, for the old individually-owned pharmacies that really did care! And, dear fellow seniors, have you tried to request service from any of these corporations: Comcast, AT&T, Nicor, Com Ed, etc?

At least here in our community, most of our personal contacts are pleasant and helpful.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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