Coming off my own long-ago political career as an elected independent Democrat to the Illinois House of Representatives, I welcomed the start back in 1980 of Wednesday Journal as an issues-oriented independent newspaper.

Playing some part in helping its success, I will never forget Dan Haley sitting down with me at my law office, looking me in the eye, and suspiciously asking, “What do you want?” as though there was a politician’s ulterior motive in the effort I was making. My answer: “I just want to see an independent community newspaper, beholden to no one, that would be issues-oriented and not just covering garden parties.”

You now hold in your hands exactly what the dozens of us who invested in that launch had hoped for. 

My purpose in writing this is to call attention to last week’s issue and its coverage, including partisan letters to the editor, as a terrific example of journalism and a public forum at its best.

From Dan Lauber’s One View, Jack Crowe’s column and the various letters to the editor, we are presented with insightful comment. 

I do wish to call attention to the fact that in the 11th Subcircuit Judge race, Oak Parker Scott Frankel represents the purpose for which subcircuits were created — to provide judicial representation by candidates local to the voting public. While both candidates appear to be qualified — believe me as a practicing attorney for 50 years, going back to the days of “Graylord,” I know what unqualified looks like — Scott Frankel represents what, for Oak Park, was intended in creating subcircuits.

Thanks to Wednesday Journal for what you have accomplished with this newspaper: The wonderful columns in the March 7 issue by Ken Trainor, the incredible Harriet Hausman, Khara Coleman, Brian Holt and Marc Blesoff (whose column strikes much too close to home).

My gratitude to all.

Bob Downs

Chairman Emeritus

Wednesday Journal Inc.

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