As an Oak Park homeowner, there are few issues that catch my attention more than a discussion about taxes. It is encouraging to watch fellow residents formally jump into the fray to challenge the established order. Oak Park resident Fritz Kaegi is a candidate for Cook County Assessor, challenging Joe Berrios (Democratic Party president) whose administration of the property tax function has been condemned by articles in the Chicago Tribune, and most recently by an independent audit that has been recognized by the Cook County board. 

Other Oak Park residents are seeking office, running against slated candidates from the Democratic Party.

My neighbor, Tim Leeming is similarly running an independent effort to be elected Judge in a county-wide race. He has worked as an assistant public defender, attorney for the indigent, for over 30 years, and his contribution to the legal community has been recognized by all the bar associations. He has been found “Qualified and Recommended” by all bar associations; receiving the highest rating from the Woman’s Bar Association. Leeming is also endorsed by U.S. Congressman Danny Davis, and endorsed by the IVI-IPO (Independent Voters of Illinois).

Another well-known Oak Park resident, Scott Frankel — also a seasoned and excellent attorney — is looking for our support as a judicial candidate for the local 11th Sub-Circuit. Frankel, too, is running against a “slated” candidate put forward by the Democratic Party.

All three of these candidates (who are our neighbors) deserve the support of all good-government voters of our village. Each has stepped forward in an independent way, funding their campaigns in a dignified way, to offer their professional services (beyond Oak Park) to the citizens of Cook County. Each is running against opposition candidates who do not live in Oak Park, and who we will probably never meet.

Congratulations to each of these distinguished professionals, and thanks to their families and to their dedicated supporters. I encourage everyone to look forward to Election Day and vote for them on March 20.

Sheila Haennicke

Oak Park homeowner

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