Survey says: A survey of Oak Park residents by the National Citizen Survey shows that 76 percent of residents believe the village provides good or excellent services. Twenty-five percent described services as fair or poor.

The village of Oak Park has released its annual survey conducted by National Citizen Survey, showing nine out of 10 residents would recommend the village as an excellent or good place to live.

The survey results, released late last month, also show that between 40 and 50 percent of respondents felt positive about the leadership and governance of the village.

“For a number of the leadership questions there was a decline in resident ratings since the survey was last administered in 2015: overall direction, welcoming resident involvement, confidence in village government, working in residents’ best interest and being honest,” the survey report noted. “While these may be one time ‘blips’ in the trend, they are worth watching.”

The survey was sent to about 1,500 residents and completed by 476.

Half of all survey respondents described the overall quality of life in the village as good, and 34 percent said it was excellent. Another 14 percent said life in the village is fair and 2 percent described it as poor.

Oak Parkers prioritized safety and the economy as the most important issues in the village.

Additionally, 85 percent said Oak Park is a good place to raise children and described their neighborhood as a good place to live.

Ninety-three percent of respondents said they feel safe in the downtown and commercial areas of the village, and 91 percent said they feel safe in the neighborhoods. A combined 77 percent said they have an overall feeling of safety in Oak Park.

The overall economic health of the village did not do as well with survey respondents, with 68 percent having a positive view of the village in that category. Seventy-one percent said the village has a vibrant downtown and commercial areas. Only 16 percent had a positive outlook on cost of living in the village.

Village spokesman David Powers told the Oak Park Board of Trustees at the Feb. 28 board meeting that most of the numbers remained steady from the last time the survey was conducted in 2015.

The dip in confidence with leadership and governance could be following a trend with disappointment in governance at the national level, he said.

The survey was conducted by mail and cost the village about $18,000.

Some trustees questioned whether the small response skewed the results. National Citizen Survey noted that any report has a 5 percent margin of error.

The full results of the survey are available on the village’s website at


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