I am writing to encourage you and everyone you know to get out and vote for Scott Frankel, an independent Democratic candidate for Judge in the 11th Subcircuit. To be honest, I don’t normally endorse judicial candidates. In most elections, I find it hard to obtain good information and I worry about what I don’t know about the processes that produced party endorsements for certain candidates. 

In this instance, I am a strong advocate for Scott because I have personal and direct knowledge of his keen legal mind, his openness to diverse perspectives, and his commitment to social justice. Scott and I travel the Green Line to and from work every day, and our conversations always renew my spirit and give me hope that truth and justice will prevail within our legal system and our society at large. 

Let’s give Cook County the kind of inspirational leadership that it deserves. Please visit Scott’s website at frankelforjudge.com and join me in voting for Scott Frankel on (or before) March 20.

Tom Philion 

Oak Park 

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