The March 20 primary will be upon us before we know it. In the race for the First District County Commissioner we have a clear choice — continue with Democratic Machine politics as usual or a clean break with the past and a true progressive. 

I write in support of the challenger Brandon Johnson. His resume is exactly what we need in the next wave of Democratic candidates. In Brandon we have a school teacher and union organizer with direct connections to the community he is seeking to serve. 

In contrast, we have the incumbent who has a background as a lobbyist and a history of pandering to his constituency rather than serving their interests. While the incumbent trumpets his support of repealing the loathed sugared drink tax, it is not leadership when one merely jumps in front of a parade already in motion. 

Finally, I don’t think I am alone in being horrified at his recent suggestion to occupy parts of the West Side of Chicago with foreign troops. We who identify as Democrats must do better. 

With Brandon Johnson representing us in the 1st District we will have representation consistent with our democratic values.

Kent Dean 

Oak Park 

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