As the volunteer coordinator for the campaign of Scott J. Frankel in the 11th Judicial Sub-circuit of Cook County, I am disturbed to see the misrepresentation by his opponent, Joanne Rosado, on the door hangers recently distributed in Oak Park by her campaign. The door hanger states that candidate Rosado is “the only qualified judge running in the 11th Sub-circuit, which includes all of Oak Park.” 

The Chicago Bar Association did rate her “Qualified” for the office of Circuit Court Judge. However, her promotional material fails to mention that this very same body rated her opponent, Scott J. Frankel, “Highly Qualified” — their top rating. The rating statement notes that “Mr. Frankel is highly regarded by his colleagues, adversaries, and judges, before whom he has appeared, for his knowledge of the law and legal ability.” 

Scott Frankel has 32 years of diverse legal experience, twice as much as Ms. Rosado, most particularly as a trial lawyer in courtrooms as diverse as traffic court and the Illinois Supreme Court. 

He has lived in Oak Park for 20 years. She is a resident of Rosemont. 

I have devoted countless hours to Scott’s campaign since last summer because I believe in his candidacy and that he is the right choice for Oak Park. I hope you will join me March 20 in voting for Scott J. Frankel, the most experienced and qualified candidate for the 11th Sub-circuit Judge position, a role where integrity and honesty are fundamental.

Deborah Wess 

Oak Park 

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