I have worked as a court clerk for 20 years and have had the unique opportunity to work with many different judges. I witness firsthand the good and the bad of our judiciary. One of the recent standouts has been Judge Joanne Rosado. 

She is decisive, while remaining courteous. She is a pleasure to clerk for, laid back enough to put you at ease but professional without making proceedings uncomfortable. She makes sure that the defendants understand what they are being charged with, and assures that everyone involved in each case will be treated with fairness. 

She runs the courtroom efficiently and with the evenhanded temperament that we expect and deserve from the judiciary. She is the most qualified in this race and her presence on the bench is essential to the good of our community. 

Please join me and vote for Judge Joanne Rosado, who has proven herself on the bench.

Tina Trost

Oak Park

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