Pardon me if I can’t get too worked up about a minor tax withholding programming error [D97 apologizes for income tax withholding error, News, Feb. 21]. For a person earning $60K, a difference of 1.25% in half a year’s withholding is around $375. Most people get refunds, so it might mean a smaller refund rather than a larger balance due April 15. Regardless, if you have a $60K job and $375 is going to drive you into bankruptcy, you ought to reconsider your spending habits.

As a taxpayer, I’m more concerned that not a single middle school math teacher noticed a math error that directly impacts their paycheck — or if they noticed it, they didn’t say anything about it. Had District 97 been withholding too much in taxes, I suspect there would have been howls of protest. I have no sympathy for any employee who knew there was a mistake and decided not to point it out. 

As far as D97 administrators not being alert because changes usually happen Jan. 1 — that’s bogus. Illinois operates on a July to June fiscal year and it’s typical for state tax changes to be effective July 1.

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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