At quick glance, the designs by Seattle-based artist Peter Gorman could be mistaken for an early 80s punk band insignia.

But the broken, disjointed shapes are actually based on the diagonal intersections scattered across the Chicago area.

Gorman has made them into fine art with a new print he’s made available on handmade artist commerce website Etsy.

But what’s the Oak Park connection?

OK, maybe it’s a stretch, but Gorman stayed with friends in Oak Park in 2014, while on the path of a cross-country bicycle trip. He travelled into Chicago from Oak Park where he found the bizarre diagonals.

After he returned home, Gorman created his first print of unusual intersections in Seattle, and he soon began getting requests from customers in other cities, he said in a recent telephone interview.

“I got messages from people all over the country telling me about their intersections and asking for the design,” he said. “Chicago was one of the most requested.”

He said the Chicago intersections print just went live on Etsy earlier this week.

The designs are available at his BarelyMaps website at


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