It is one of the things an employee sort of takes for granted. Their employer knows the proper income tax rate for the state and the feds and makes the appropriate deductions from each and every paycheck.

Troublingly that was not the case last year in Oak Park’s District 97 public schools. When after years of insane battling over a state budget, over how our schools get funded via the income tax, there was finally a hike in the income tax last July. You’d have thought it would be top of mind for a school district.

It wasn’t. The new higher deduction was not taken from paychecks until earlier this month when a D97 staffer discovered the error when completing their personal taxes. Now employees will have to pony up the difference when they file their taxes.

Couple this with the $2 million snafu baked into last year’s tax referendum and it is with relief that the current business manager is on her way out the door.

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