Along with millions of others, I watched the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday. Of all the inspiring images nothing was as important or powerful as the collaboration of athletes from North and South Korea. We must use this moment to support our Congressional representatives in their efforts to resist the war-mongering rhetoric of the President. The drum beat of the false idea of a “preventive war” as the only way forward with the odious government of North Korea is dangerous and wrong. 

Senator Duckworth should be supported for her co-sponsoring SB 2047, asserting the Constitutional check on Presidential over-reach of power. Only Congress can declare war. A war with North Korea is not supported by our military leaders. Senator Durbin has joined other senators in a letter to the President asserting the importance of continued diplomatic efforts. 

The South Korean government’s use of the Winter Olympics to try to move the process forward is not just naive window dressing. It is important that we support our ally. We take pride in our community’s efforts to stand for justice. This is an urgent time to speak up. 

Let Senator Duckworth (312-886-3506) know you support her co-sponsorship of SB 2047. Let Senator Durbin (312-353-4952) know you support his efforts and urge him to become a co-sponsor as well. Let Congressman Davis (773-533-7520) know that HR 4837, No Unconstitutional Strike Against North Korea, deserves and needs his support. 

Stand firm, Congress, against the foolhardy and dangerous White House “leadership” threatening to engage us in a horrifying and illegal war.

Martha Zuehlke 

Oak Park 

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