So “Tourism brings $225M to Oak Park” [Inside Report, Jan. 31]. I’d love to audit the evidence supporting that figure. I suspect it’s a compilation of wild guesses viewed through the rose-colored lenses of someone who wants to justify their job.

I’m available pretty much any time to be persuaded by hard evidence that this isn’t just another phony-baloney number similar to “economic impact” claims bandied about to justify public funding of sports facilities.

$225 million per year equates to more than $600,000 per day. If the average tourist spent $150 per person per day in Oak Park, which strikes me as an unreasonably high figure, we would have to have 4,000 tourists per day to reach that figure. The idea that Oak Park draws 4,000 tourists per day spending $150 each strikes me as preposterous. 

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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