After reading the Jan. 31 viewpoint “Carjacking’s residual victims” [Viewpoints]. I would just like to ask where we can find any facts upon which she bases her statements.  Facts would be helpful as a first step in considering her “question to the community” in order to take part in any reasonable discussions that she advocates.  

After insinuating that our police are engaged in false arrests and beatings, her statements lead one to conclude that we have a corrupt village government and its residents are stupid or racists.

I see Oak Park police officers who appear to be “black/brown.” Actually, I seem to recall that our last Chief of Police was an African American who spent his career serving the Oak Park community. I also know of a beat officer who is an African American woman. Is the writer insinuating that they promote or even condone murders, beatings, and false arrests in their attempt to protect “white people”?

 Seriously, folks, is this any way to start a discourse? For my part, leave me out.  Maybe the writer can find another community to insult with her claptrap, preferably one she lives in.

William Keefe

Oak Park

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