My massage therapist, Diana Ostreko, was quite upset over the recent ordinance and negative tone toward the massage profession in Oak Park [Oak Park passes tough massage parlor ordinance, News, Jan. 24].

Unfortunately, this situation of massage businesses operating for purposes other than therapeutic massage is an age-old problem. If articles like this are written, then there should be articles written about people who operate professional massage businesses in Oak Park. The article would include necessary benefits of professional training, the history and tradition of Swedish massage and the many forms of massage that are all very important apart of the healing process. For many people who do not want to use doctor-prescribed medications on a regular or dependent basis, massage is an important step to immediate relief from chronic pain and illness. 

I recommend informing people that these illicit businesses are not the only massage business in Oak Park. If the papers are going to print articles regarding this issue, then they should allow space in support for healing, connectedness, and some of the many benefits that massage, done professionally, can and will provide.

Michael Kelty

Patient and client of Diana Ostreko for over 20 years

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